Late July Heat

The herd munching on the Gates of Detroit paddock. Under those bleached seedheads is a surprising amount of green grass. The herd surprised me by eating it up. This paddock had been left uneaten for three months of spring so it might be what is considered tall grazing.

On the right of the fence is the California paddock with way too much sorrel growing in it. I’ll be disking and reseeding it in the fall.


The neighbor’s giant straw stack made of big square bales. This thing is impressive sitting out there in the distance.


The green area is one of the new lucerne paddocks.


The first of the plum trees has gone nuts with ripe fruit. You can’t pass this way without stopping for a few minutes and pigging out.


The seeds get thrown as far as I can into neighboring paddocks in the hope we’ll get some more trees out in the grass. These plum trees seed very easily.

To finish, I’ve been saving this piece of music as a present for The Agricultrix for weeks but keep forgetting to post it. So each time the computer boots and the browser restarts it loads up and starts to infect my brain with its sincere melody.

Now I can reboot without fear of hearing it again.

8 thoughts on “Late July Heat

  1. Gordon Milligan says:

    I tried it again and it worked this time. This old song brings back memories. I was in college when this song came out in 1976 or 77. I had broken up with my high school sweetheart when we had went to different colleges. I had wanted to call her and tell her what the lyrics said of this song, but I never did.

  2. Andrew (@GreenMachineFM) says:

    Are the cows showing any interest in the plums? A plum/alfalfa silvopasture sure would be interesting.
    Oh, and congratulations on selling your first beef! Any feedback from your customer(s) yet?

  3. Jean Curtis says:

    Whew. Boy. Verklempt. I feel a ManTear™ coming on. Just need to clear my head.

  4. bc says:

    Andrew, I haven’t tried plums on the cows. The orchard is behind a fence but we’re thinking of moving the fence to the other side and letting the cows have Plumapalooza 2012. There’s a pear tree there too and the cows love it when I bring them fallen pears.

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