Two days later…

The barn fire is smoking and the emergency services are there. Maybe it flared up again? Maybe it burned for two days?


The steel girders that hold up the structure are burnt and buckled.

2 thoughts on “Two days later…

  1. Zephyr Hill says:

    So sad! It’s a total loss. I do hope they were insured. A couple years ago a semi ran off the interstate near here and crashed into one of those huge chicken barns with 20,000 chickens in it. The driver and all the chickens were burned up in the fire and the barn destroyed. The poor people were out of town and came back to find the carnage. They must have had decent insurance, though, because before too long, two more huge barns went up.

  2. bc says:

    We had just fixed our insurance a month ago. The first agent we used didn’t do a good job and so we went through it all line by line with another one and it turns out we didn’t have insurance for storing hay in the buildings, so if it went up we would have lost it. Sobering thought.

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