Know your paddock

The herd is eating its way across the Nebraska paddock.


Tongues are good for cleaning noses.


Heads down eating. Little Hoff is almost hidden by the lucerne.


Gremlin the bull hanging out with the older women.


Twistie, age 17½, showing her fine conditioning. She came to the farm a year and a half ago and did very well on our forage. She likes lucerne in the summertime.P1050767

And so to The Saints, Australia’s first and best punk band.

2 thoughts on “Know your paddock

  1. bc says:

    Well, the permanent paddocks are yellow from lack of rain. No growth yet. The lucerne hasn’t regrown much either. I’m thinking we have about five days of food before we’re feeding hay. The cows do look good, though. The little calves seem huge this year.

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