Can’t touch this

Cows, grass, hay.


Cow and blackberries.


Chess club waiting for the kids to arrive.


Broyeur of doom.


Hammer (intact male calf) showing off his beefy assets.


Just like Huggy and Hoff, Hammer has his own theme song.

4 thoughts on “Can’t touch this

  1. bc says:

    Hello A.A., we did get some rain, maybe 25mm in the last two or three days. It doesn’t sound like much but it kickstarted this year’s early seedings. The soils have a lot of clay and the pastures are doing well for organic matter and litter so they hold the moisture well relative to, say, a wheat field.

    Are droughts a threat up your way?

  2. A.A. says:

    I just read in the news there’d been heavy rains in the Pyrenees and an overflowing river in South West France somewhere “near” where you live, but that could’ve been several hundred km away 🙂 Glad to hear the rain made a difference for the better in your spot!

    We’ve had a very rainy summer and fall and poor harvests due to that. I suppose a Russian drought might extend over here, but so far hasn’t. The good thing with this grazing is no matter which way it turns, it’s more resilient. Pugging’s not so much a problem either with frequent enough moves and enough trampled litter. I’d hoped to have plenty of pasture to graze well into the fall, but it didn’t grow enough in August for that. I do have a lot of well rested and short pasture to start on next spring. The odd thing is, fall seemed to start already in late August but this morning had the first really good frost of the year! I’ll be looking into that forest pasture thing for next year that’s for sure! Between moves from one pasture to the next the animals would’ve liked nothing better than to spend some time in the woods. Perhaps in this climate and what it looks like it’ll turn to even more, forests grow the best forage over here.

  3. bc says:

    A.A. there’s been no heavy rains in the Gers.

    Wow, frosts already. Does your place get snowbound in Winter?

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