It begins with an H and ends in asselhoff

Cow 63 (on the left) showing off her belly at term. Old Girl next to her is showing off her belly full of grass.


The scrub in the foreground is the border of the pasture that I didn’t get to mow last time around.

Not long after the calf is born.


He’s a male calf (veau vs. velle). I gave him a little pat and Mom didn’t spear me. She was taking a break from the rigors of birth by going for a munch while he dozed. This is about the only time you can get close to a Salers calf. After this the mother cows get very protective.


The herd wasn’t paying attention.


The next photos are from a day later. He’s getting the attention of some of the other male calves. Cow 63 is looking slimmer. You go, girl!


His name is Hasselhoff.


We call him The Hoff.

5 thoughts on “It begins with an H and ends in asselhoff

  1. Zephyr Hill says:

    Congratulations on The Hoff. I wonder if he can swim? 🙂 We hear from the owners of the bull our heifer is with that they think she’s bred, but are watching her closely. At least the bull won’t confuse a fat grass belly for an already-bred belly! Tell 63 she looks good for just having had a baby. 🙂

  2. bc says:

    Good luck with the heifer! I’m watching our herd for the same reason. Yesterday the oldest cow went on heat and I’m a little disappointed she wasn’t already bred.

  3. Auburn Meadow Farm says:

    That’s funny. It is amazing how much alike our cows look. Mine are good mothers but most let me near the babies. Maybe because I’ve had them since they were babies?? The older less handled cows are the ones I have to be careful of.

    Good name : )

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