Copter versus raptor

Along with the French air force, we get random helicopters flying by. This one startled one of those raptors we have on the farm.


It circled around the house.


I could see no markings except for its identification number, so for all I know it could belong to the air force too.

3 thoughts on “Copter versus raptor

  1. mimiswardrobe says:

    That’s a really fascinating shot with the copter and the raptor! Maybe the copter was admiring your spread?

    I don’t know if they would use copters or airplanes, but when we lived in France we were told that the government takes aerial photos to check on things like unauthorized building. The person that told us that, told us about some guy who lived way out in the country where he thought no one could see what he was doing, and he built a whole lot of stuff without getting (and paying for, of course) all the required permits. When they saw on the aerial photos what he had done, the government came in and forced him to demolish everything. That’s the story we were told, for what it’s worth.

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