Natural Fall Pasture

The herd is off the lucerne for the year and back in Sleepy Hollow, a pasture full of natural grasses.


Some of the grasses are green and full.


Some are dry and dormant. The cows will tread this in to be recycled into more grass.


It is a different world under there. Worms, bugs, decaying grass and new growth.


There are a few mushroom fairy rings around. Here’s a little one.


Clover growing by the water line. No more Jedward fans, please!


It is a little tragic that the highest traffic day on the site was when was posted on a Jedward site.

Some fine weeds. I need to go and check this out in my weed books.


More cows.


Now I need a Grasspunk song for Fall. How about this one?

3 thoughts on “Natural Fall Pasture

  1. Gordon Milligan says:

    Some how I missed the video of Jedward the waterline song when I saw that post. I thought it was something off of Saturday Nite Live or something. Who knows… you posting that video could have introduced a whole new generations to pasture farming.

  2. Zephyr Hill says:

    Do you have a sacrifice lot where you feed them for the winter or do they spend all winter eating hay on different paddocks? I’m asking because I wish we could do that so some of the hay would get trampled into areas that need more organic matter, but without a covered hay bale feeder the hay is quickly ruined by weather for the horses. For just the two cows we’ll have left after T-Bone goes next week, it’s not really worth transporting a hay bale down to a pasture. So we just bring them all up in the barnyard. At least the chickens get to play with the manure and we can collect some for composting.

  3. grasspunk says:

    Susan Lea, I move them daily through the winter. Right now they’re getting just grass, but if I need to stretch things out a little I’ll feed a bale of hay along with a new (but smaller) slice of grass.

    You use square bales or round?

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