They’re out there somewhere

We had a cow breakout through an old, weak fence. Looking at the evidence left behind, I’d say someone eating under the fence got her horn caught and then ran away still attached. She ran way back into the paddock dragging the old fence behind her, getting zapped the whole way, poor thing.

Well whoever it was got her revenge by running off with the herd and gorging on a nearby lucerne paddock. I wasn’t at the farm but a neighbor passed by and saw the escaped cows, drove up to the house to get Jean and then the two of them kept the herd in one location while I drove back from fifteen minutes away. They came to my voice and walked into a spare paddock and we patched the fence.

So each morning since when it first gets light I walk out to make sure the herd is still in.


The fog makes this difficult, but they’re in there somewhere.


OK, now I can have breakfast. And then Bruce and I can cut some fence posts.


It is almost wet enough to push posts in, so we’re going ahead with the winter fence project.

The solution to the ‘eating under the fence’ problem is a second wire. It doesn’t have to be charged, its presence is enough to stop the cows thinking they can get a little snack under there.

One thought on “They’re out there somewhere

  1. mimiswardrobe says:

    I’m sure the poor thing thought Lucifer was after her with his pitchfork–but better tangled in electric than in barbed wire! At least she’ll live to tell about! 🙂 I think cows are like horses–if there’s any trouble they can get into, they will.

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