Vine ridges and wiring insulators

After plowing, disking three times, seeding, rolling and early growth, you can still see the vine ridges on the California paddock. 


Even after a year’s lucerne growth they show through in Vila.


In the mess pre-wiring insulators to thread on the fence wire.


Roll out a length of wire along the posts, thread on a pile on insulators and slide them down to each post, wiring as you go. Tighten. Mutter because a bit got tangled on a blackberry bush. 

Zélie managed to sneak into the shot. She likes to hand me the insulators as I cut the wire.

2 thoughts on “Vine ridges and wiring insulators

  1. Zephyr Hill says:

    Do the ridges bother the cattle? If not, I think they look kind of cool–a reminder of what the pastures once were. Although I do imagine it makes for a bit of a bumpy ride if you ever have to bush-hog! I would guess that after several years of mob grazing (especially if the ground is ever wet) that the cattle would eventually trample some of the ridges down . . . or is that too optimistic?

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