A quick inspection of the butcher’s room

We have beef that is dry-aging at the butcher’s premises in Auch, so I checked it out when picking up the mince. The butcher remarked that the carcass had a good layer of fat, which made it a surprise to him when I mentioned it was grass-finished.

He also commented that the carcass was small, when these cows still seem big to me. What he sees is that our Salers carcass weighed in at 285kg when he had a 550kg Charolais carcass hanging nearby.


This is a photo of the two loins taken from the shoulder end. It is cut roughly but you can still see the marbling. We’re making some Christmas roasts and sirloin steaks out of this on Friday. There’s still a little bit left for sale if any readers are interested.


His butcher’s room was much larger than the last one we used and had a little blue conveyor belt running down the middle. I did not see this room in action – he only allowed me in after everything was closed down and cleaned up.


The same tools are there, even down to the same looking brands of circular saw, ‘de-membraner’ and automatic meat slicer. It had no windows though, so it looked like a difficult place to spend your days.

3 thoughts on “A quick inspection of the butcher’s room

  1. grasspunk says:

    I still think the cows are too big, but they seem to be doing well on the pastures. We tried to find a herd with DNA from one of the older families since they were likelier to run better on grass. We’ll see what happens over time. The short stocky ones seem to do the best so we’ll use those to mother replacement heifers, although temperament is king with us at the moment.

  2. Penelope Allisy says:

    We would love to be able to buy some of your meat but suspect that I would have to drive the length of France to fetch it! One day we shall arrange with you to make a special trip. We long to have edible tender beef in France. Keep up the good work Best wishes for Christmas

    Penelope and André Allisy penelope.allisy-roberts@physics.org

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