Cows like flowers

It has not been a cold winter yet here in the Gers. There have been a few frosty mornings but no real killing frost.


Some of our weeds have taken advantage of this to produce flowers in mid-January.


In amongst the wild geranium is this lovely dandelion. Cows like dandelions (and wild geranium).

Some of the flowers have gone to seed.


And there are these little blue guys too.


Cows like flowers.


7 thoughts on “Cows like flowers

  1. Zephyr Hill says:

    These are incredible photos for the middle of January! I’ll have to try to post about the floods we’re having here. It was warm enough for awhile to let the grass grow a tiny bit, but nothing like your gorgeous carpet of green! What a picture that makes: red cows on green grass under blue sky! By the way, I think that little blue flower might be a bleuet (perhaps bluet, in English). We have them here, too.

  2. katedecamont says:

    Those little blue guys looks like Birdseye Speedwell- Veronica persica of the Figwort family- also called Gypsyweed and very common in my garden, too. Lucky cow.

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