A wet and sunny winter

We’ve had a lot of rain recently. The rain meter at the house measured 179mm for January, which isn’t bad when the annual rainfall is supposed to be 780mm and has been lower the last couple of years.


This is the Club Med lake in Sleepy Hollow after the cows have been through. You can see the hoof prints in the soft soil. We have a lot of clay in our soils and with all the rain they get pretty soft. The hoof prints clean up some of the moss and help the old dead grass break down and this area will be super green with fresh growth in a month or so.

The lake is full from surface runoff mostly from our neighbor’s farm where his lake is overflowing. For most of the last two years this stream has not run, but it is making up for it now.


The photo above shows the outlet of the pipe that stops the lake overflowing.

Below shows a little further downstream into Triangle South. The stream goes through two more lakes before leaving the farm under a communal road.


The new Gascon-style fence at the side of Triangle looks better than the rickety old one. The Salers approve.


Along with the rain we’ve had some warmer days and sunshine, which is helping everything grow a little. It isn’t spring yet and temperatures are going to drop this week, but it is good to see so much green on the farm.

4 thoughts on “A wet and sunny winter

  1. Zephyr Hill says:

    The green is great! I sure hope your neighbor doesn’t put anything harmful (from your perspective) on his land since you get the run-off. By the way, I hope you’ll do a follow-up in a month or so with a photo shot from that same perspective so we can see the difference. Our pond is full and the creek flowing still after 9.75″ of rain in January! We just haven’t had enough sun to make the grass grow.

  2. grasspunk says:

    Christiaan, it’s a French brand, a LACME, and it is a mains charger that measures about 7kV at the fence. The only time I ever swore at Jean in 17 years was when she dropped a gate handle onto a live wire, charging the wire I was working on up the hill from her.

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