Wake up and get to work!

Old school American-style filter coffee with a large chunk of French butter whipped in.


Drink this early, then come in after the morning cow work for a late breakfast.

One year we might turn one of the herd into a house cow and make the butter at home.

8 thoughts on “Wake up and get to work!

  1. Shree says:

    I like butter with everything. including eating it straight up. However, I’ve never tried it with coffee.

  2. Zephyr Hill says:

    Only a farmer could work off that many calories in his morning coffee! 🙂 Seriously, can you milk Salers? I mean, obviously they give milk, but do they give enough to share with the calf? I’m getting Siobhan ready to milk when her calf is born this spring. And no, I have no plans to milk Sara at this point. As a novice milker, I’ll take a cow without horns (even though I know you love them!)

  3. grasspunk says:

    They use Salers to make cheese, either Salers (in the spring/summer when it is grass-fed) or Cantal the rest of the year. Now about 10% of the national herd are milkers and on our farm there are a couple that are from a milking family. I have a theory that they’ll taste the best, too.

    We’re still debating the horn situation.

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