Farm Links from around the Grasspunkosphere

Cold mornings here on the farm.


Some discussions about the CAP moving towards a uniform payment per hectare. Now that would suit me just fine.

Australia’s pasture cropping system is something I’d like to try, but a direct drill is way expensive.

Bruce King has bald eagles watching his sheep in Washington State.

Irish Farmerette is in the midst of a compact birthing schedule on her dairy farm. That’s a lot of calves in a short time.

Green Machine Farm is building nest boxes.

There’s something majestic about Susan Lea’s prancing horses. [When cows do this it is a little scary.]

Tosca’s ancestral home now has a site: Beauchasseur Golden Retrievers.

I’m nearly caught up after the reconnection of the Internet. Thank you, Telephone Operator!

[As much as I think this is a fantastic song, I’m a little distracted by Pete Shelley’s incredible shirt that matches the circuit-board-like designs in the vid.]

2 thoughts on “Farm Links from around the Grasspunkosphere

  1. Zephyr Hill says:

    Just looking at that photo makes me cold! I like the cows in the mist. Thanks for sharing a link to my blog! And you’re right, it’s scary when cows do that, especially pregnant cows. Fortunately, they were just watching from the soggy barnyard.

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