The ghosts of vines

When the sun is low in the sky it shows up the gentle lines where the vines used to be. The central section was worked about five years back, the two paddocks at the sides a couple of years ago.


You can also see the remainder of a couple of bales of hay rolled out on the central section. In the foreground is Florida 2, which has a fair bit of dead grass and is in need of a good working over by the herd.

This is another view of Florida with Florida 4 in a darker color since it had just been worked hard by the herd. You can also see the new housing after which Florida has been named. P1060876

This is the herd eating hay at the bottom of Florida 3.


That’s Twistie, who might be the fattest cow in the herd despite being seventeen years old and seven months pregnant.


There’s plenty of space in there for a growing calf.


2 thoughts on “The ghosts of vines

  1. Zephyr Hill says:

    I love this! I know it makes for a bumpy tractor ride, but I love traces of the past. And there’s something reassuring to a farmer in the sight of a big round cow belly with a calf growing inside.

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