Cows, grass, Action!

Jean took a video of our Salers cattle munching on the Colorado paddock ryegrass on January 9th 2013. The ryegrass was seeded last fall.

In the glossy handouts that the Salers group send out they have a chart that shows Salers cows eat more bites per minute than other French breeds. I’ve never done daily moves with another herd so I can’t compare, but when you move these girls it gets very noisy with the munching.

I think that is heifer 98 in the foreground. She’s due to give birth in April, along with the rest of the herd.

They’re back on the same spot today.


One thought on “Cows, grass, Action!

  1. Zephyr Hill says:

    You’ve got me curious now. I’ll have to videotape Sara and Siobhan eating when we turn them out in the spring. That’s amazing green ryegrass! You can practically hear the steaks stacking into the freezer as those cows munch away!

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