We are visited by Asterix food

Every now and then we get visited by some wild boar (sanglier in French). They like to dig up the parts of the farm that have extra fertility, which means more worms and grubs. 


This spot is where we gave a bale of hay out in Colorado and the herd didn’t eat much. A lot of fertility was deposited in one place rather than being spread out. The reason the herd didn’t eat much was that Etamine claimed the bale and wouldn’t let any other cow near it. She ate it and sat on it and chased other cows away. The herd moved on mostof the bale rotted on the ground leaving a very fertile spot. That spot became known as Etamine’s Hay, and it now has been ‘worked’ by the local sanglier family.


Etamine was a big strong heifer who worked her way up to be boss cow of the herd. Then we sold her and the rest of the Mirandaise cows and had a much nicer time moving the cows.

Last year we added in a new set of mother cows. Now the boss cow is Old Girl. She’s also the lead cow who moves the herd from paddock to paddock. The boss cow isn’t always the lead cow, but it is working out well in this case. Old Girl says Hi.


5 thoughts on “We are visited by Asterix food

  1. grasspunk says:

    It is legal in season. The local chasse (the hunting group for the commune) give us some game each year, usually venison or boar. It certainly has flavor!

  2. Zephyr Hill says:

    Maybe Old Girl will discourage the sangliers by making sure everyone gets Equal Opportunity Hay, thus spreading the wealth and fertility. If they ever came in a paddock where she was in charge, I bet those horns would discourage them, too!

  3. Ellie k says:

    Wild hogs do so much damage here in Florida, they tear up groves and pastures. People trap them and shot them, they are very tasty when cooked proper. We do enjoy a nice hog roast from time yo time.

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