3 thoughts on “Where the Bosnian vowels went

  1. mimiswardrobe says:

    Ha! That’s one I wouldn’t even attempt to pronounce! I think the French have more vowels than they need and ought to contribute vowel-troops to the Bosnian effort!

  2. melissawolf says:

    LOL…and where did you find the pigs?..i have found someone who takes the same kind of care of his lamb as you do of your cows so i’ve bought a lamb from him and he’s become a good friend along with his partner..they live nearby in saint sulpice d’excideuil..and i’ve been looking for someone with pigs handled as lovingly and completely grass-fed, of course..and without any unnecessary additions to their diet or hygiene like hormones, etc…my lamb man has to use worm medicine, but that’s all and i can understand that sort of thing…so do tell us about the pigs, please melissa

    Two men in a burning house must not stop to argue.

    ~ African Proverb

  3. grasspunk says:

    Melissa, pigs are like chickens and need food other than grass, so they can’t be just grass fed. They typically eat lots of cereals. Sheep and cows are ruminants and live on grass alone. We’re looking at pigs because we have a couple of hectares to clean up and might as well gt something to eat out of it.

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