The last round of houses before the farm search – White House

In October last year our house search was continuing but had hit a stumbling block. Every house we had seen that was reasonable had a bad lot – next to a road, next to new construction, too small. So we made the decision to expand our search to include small farms, thinking they would at least do better on the lot.

We found the SAFER, a semi-government agency which deals in farm usage and sales, and registered our needs with them. But before we visited our first farm we found one more round of houses. They had interesting characteristics, but they all had issues. The housing market will always be overrun with bad houses because of two factors: 1) bad houses take way longer to sell and 2) bad houses are likely to be sold more often. Most houses might be good houses but they rarely come to market and if they do they sell right away. People recognize quality and these houses weren’t quality enough.

This is the first, probably the best built of the houses we saw that day.


white house


This house was interesting, but with water some damage. This is a common issue here where houses aren’t properly set up to remove water. There are often gutter issues or concrete aprons that turn the rock walls into water syphons. In this case the courtyard outside didn’t drain properly and pooled with water.

The house had interesting roof joinery:


white house roof


And well built walls:


white wall


But the overall damage to the walls was too much for us to take on as a risk.


white walls


I did like the colors of the old bedding. Pity about the walls.


white pants


The owner hadn’t realized there was an economic crisis and wanted a lot of money for his place. He also had a little land to sell to go with it, but he wanted way too much for that too. We had already been browsing the SAFER site and had got some idea as to the value of land here and knew when we had hit a seller with dollar signs in his eyes. Sayonara, white house.

3 thoughts on “The last round of houses before the farm search – White House

  1. Jean Curtis says:

    I remember the courtyard shown in the first picture was a sludgy mess. Without stepping foot in the house, we already had bad feelings. I often brought the wrong lens to the house visits, which produced a lot of detail shots :).

  2. bizzyella says:

    Nice place, though. It looks like the owner had just painted it, maybe in hopes that a little staging would encourage you to overlook the mud on your shoes.

    Details are good. Keep that lens!

  3. bc says:

    Jean, even with the wrong lens you take better photos than me! I notice that you took a photo of my butt there.

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