Plums, crayfish and something wild

The mirabelles are getting ripe.


The first heifer notices the plums on the other side of the wire.


Sitting in the wimpy wild grass here (Bemuda grass?) is this shell. When you see these shells in the field you wonder what hunter has been wandering by eating large shrimp, but then you figure out these are freshwater crayfish from the nearby ponds. 


It was right by this animal track into the orchard. We’ve seen deer here, but this seems a little small for deer. Jean will have to watch out for the crayfish-eating monster when she cleans up these blackberries.


3 thoughts on “Plums, crayfish and something wild

  1. Susan Lea says:

    Funny, I was just going to ask the same thing. It seems to me that I have a vague memory floating around in the back of my brain that raccoons are North American. Or is that opossums? What about things like martens or weasels? I wasn’t into farming when we lived in France, so it never occurred to me to find out what kind of wild animals there are. Now I’m curious so I’ll head to google.

  2. Susan Lea says:

    I found this site:

    It says:
    “Natural England undertook a “horizon-scanning” exercise in 2009 to determine which non-native species posed the greatest threat to British wildlife. The raccoon was placed on the Alert List –“high-risk species either currently absent from the wild or present but contained in enclosed environments” – because of its success in proliferating on mainland Europe.

    “The blame for that – among other things – can be laid at the feet of Hermann Goering. In 1934, at the request of the Reich Forestry Service, he authorised a pair to be released into the German countryside both to “enrich local fauna” and for sport.

    “In the event, the hunted outlasted both the hunters and Hitler: with no natural predators, there are now 500,000 to a million raccoons in Germany, resulting in a decline in songbird numbers due to their fondness for eggs, and millions of pounds worth of damage to property. The animals have since spread to France, Eastern Europe and Russia.”

    Looks like we can blame the Nazis for almost everything! I wonder if we can blame kudzu on them?

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