Disc 1, snake 0

Work right now involves disking the California paddock (so called because it was a big sunny vineyard) to make it flatter and suitable to plant into pasture. This one is a tricky job. Although the ground between the vine rows was flat, there’s often a height drop at the line of vines. In places the paddock looks terraced like a rice paddy. Even after ploughing there are some nasty areas where the ground is bumpy the tractor threatens to roll sideways down the hill. Dealing with this means disking across the grain and going very slow.

Here’s is the top of California where things are flatter and the view is great. It is a fine spot to build a house with is all-around views. Those brown dots in the distance form our herd of Salers.


When you work field you disturb the wildlife. It is one reason why I hate seeing endless grain fields without trees. Here’s a grass snake that fell afoul of the discs.


This heifer likes taking a dip in the little pond.


Some of the scraggly trees by the house. The grey cloud looked promising but failed to deliver any rain.


Back to the disking!

One thought on “Disc 1, snake 0

  1. Susan Lea says:

    What a gorgeous view from the hill! It must thrill your farmer soul!

    Poor snake! Around here there are rattlers and copperheads, though probably not out in the field in broad daylight. It makes walking in the woods less inviting, though.

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