The herd at Club Med

This little pond is called Club Med. The cows like to hang out by it.


Or stand in it.


It is understandable since Southwest France is being hit by a Saharan wind this weekend.

We’re coming up to the last of the permanent pasture for the summer. After this it is all the lucerne/alfalfa summer pasture and we’re in good shape because we have a fair few of them although I have to finish wiring up one paddock before I can let the cows in. There won’t be much growth in the permanent pasture until it rains again. Last year it was late September when the summer drought broke.


This spot by the lake is more humid than other areas and gets all the nutrients washed down the hill so it has lush grass despite the summer. Blackhorn likes it.


Today was a simple herd move. They just walked though the gate. The house is in the background; I can watch the herd while reading in the library.


2 thoughts on “The herd at Club Med

  1. Susan Lea says:

    Club Med! I love it! Your farm does look like the perfect resort for cows.

    Ah, the Sirocco. We used to get the Mistral in Provence. It was fun, great for hanging laundry–not so great for riding lessons because it tended to make the ponies go bonkers. Fortunately, my wise old Camargue horse didn’t bat an eye at it.

    What a lovely view from your library window! I hope you get some rain sooner than late September!

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