A pregnant pause in summer

Cow 63 has been threatening to give birth for the last few days. She’s very rotund, her udder is full, her tail is up and there’s been plenty of mucus, but she’s still crossing her legs. 63 is way out of sync with the rest of the herd, but she’s a good old cow.


That was the last of the stockpiled permanent pasture. Now it’s just the lucerne/orchard grass pastures until we get some rain and growth. We haven’t needed to feed any hay.

The third cut of hay is now cut, dried and baled. There’s been little rain this summer so there’s less hay than in the second cut. Still, our farm is green compared to everywhere else since we have this awesome lucerne.


As I was finishing up this section there was a little grasspunk mohawk. This is the Newman paddock, so named because it has the post box.


The Agricultrix showing off her functional farm outfit.


And after the Mirages, the ultralights, the attack helicopters and the Hercules transport planes, we get buzzed by a regular little plane. They didn’t waggle their wings at us.


4 thoughts on “A pregnant pause in summer

  1. Gordon Milligan says:

    Hay Brent, after seeing this, I know you must feel like the luckiest guy in the world, you truly have it all. You live in paradise and have someone lovely to share it with 🙂

  2. Susan Lea says:

    I’m going to show that photo of 63 to Sara and see if it doesn’t inspire her! We moved her down to the lower pasture today in the end with the round pen and head gate. The vet comes tomorrow afternoon. I have become convinced she couldn’t possibly be pregnant no matter how round she is because she’s 10 days overdue and has regressed from all signs she was showing. No more mucus, no more springing–and the way she galloped down the hill after Herb and the feed bowl, no more waddling!

    What lovely pastures!

  3. bc says:

    Gordon, she’s the one who wanted to live out here. I wanted to move to the South! I think I just wanted my kids to have that cool southern drawl. Now they have a southern drawl to their French.

  4. bc says:

    Susan Lea: cow 63 gave birth a few days ago to a little red male calf, now named Hasselhoff. I should do a post on him.

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