Bordeaux and Beef and Chicken

Brat Like Me


I’ve been to Bordeaux many, many times delivering beef.  We deliver grass-fed beef and pastured chicken to Bordeaux.  It is such a beautiful city while I wait for my peeps.  I love hanging out.  So many bridges.  So many people.  Someday, I’m going to walk across that bridge, have a coffee and absorb what the heck is going on with this grande ville.

We found a great spot for delivery ( thanks, Sean ).  Available by train or bus.  Easy access by car.  Wednesday. Pont de Pierre


On the same Wednesday, Brent delivers to Toulouse.  Now, I’m not competitive … okay so I’m competitive, Toulouse is quick to collect the beef and chickens.  We give Bordeaux a head-start with the mail, but Toulouse is winning at the moment.


It’s a tight race, but we can spread the word.  With that Bordeaux chess board above, I see our next move.  We’ll…

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