Yearlings and calves

It is always amazing how fast calves grow. Here there are three yearlings on the left and two calves on the right. The brown guy in the middle is a steer and doing very well on our farm. He’s not bad for sixteen months. They are eating some grass pasture stockpiled from spring.

Beef from rocks

There’s orchard grass in that lucerne but it is shorter and mostly dormant now. Mineral-rich limestone soils grow tasty lucerne which makes healthy animals and great beef. Without the base limestone the lucerne wouldn’t grow so well and without the lucerne the beef wouldn’t be so tasty. The flavour in each bite of steak owes … Continue reading Beef from rocks

Happenings around the farm

Time to wash the retriever. She gets a treat afterwards. Lucy helps with some wiring. Apparently the hat is important. The herd moves from Yukon river paddock to Detroit. With the help of Gary the neighbour. With all the spring rain our grass paddocks are still giving lots of good food into summer.